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What is Join2in?

Join2in is a platform where you can create petitions and campaigns, collect signatures, establish charity networks by getting together with people who share the same ideals and ideas as you, who share your desire to benefit society and make the world a better place.

How is Join2in different from other channels with similar functions?

Unlike web platforms and applications that anonymous signers support your campaign with one click, Join2 encourages you to exist on the platform with your true identity. In this way, it supports you as you to support every job you are involved in, and that you personally work for what is important to you. In this way, it supports you to make your contribution to the goals you believe in is more than a click away. This feature also ensures that your own campaigns and organizations are attracted by people who will not hesitate to express their opinions and put in a single extra effort and get a higher level of efficiency from your initiatives.

How Does Join2in Work?

Registering on Join2in is both easy and safe. At the registration stage, you can match your name by taking a selfie, and verify your identity with your instant selfie while signing up for campaigns. The authentication step prevents your e-mail, mobile phone or name from being used by people who have this information in campaigns that you do not approve, protect your account from outside interference, integrate your ideas and self, and increase your faith in establishing meaningful socialization and new connections on the platform. The selfie picture taken during the recording phase is never stored as a raw image on the device or on the server. Biometric data is stored encrypted so that it cannot be recycled into image data by reverse engineering. Biometric data acquisition is done by encrypting it with Papilon-specific algorithms and only authentication is allowed with Papilon Biometric Matching algorithms. This data is not shared with the application and other users.

I crated an account. What now?

You have completed the most important step. You can  now start building your profile. You can choose the topics you care about, the areas you want to contribute, and the problems you want to solve from My Interests section or add your own topics. The app will then suggest profiles of users with similar interests and goals to encourage you to connect with like-minded people and work together for a common purpose.

How to start a campaign on Join2in?

After creating your account, you can easily create a campaign by using the “New Campaign” button. The application will allow you to add relevant images to your campaign and direct you to tag your campaign with keywords you choose. In this way, users who indicate that they care about the same topics as you in their profile will be able to see your campaign in their suggestions. Similarly, you will be able to start n and run collective campaigns by sending joint campaign requests to members who share your interests and sensitivities. This multi-organizational style will both increase the impact of your campaign by allowing it to spread over a wide geographic area and will enable hundreds of people from dozens of locations to own the campaign and contribute actively. This increases the total energy devoted to the work and the likelihood that the petition will yield results.

I created my campaign

What will happen now?

Each new campaign created is published on the application home page. It is also sent as suggestions to users with similar interests and goals. If you wish, you can create a link that will enable your friends who are not on Join2In yet support you. You can share the link via popular messaging apps, social media platforms, and e-mail. The application allows you to update your campaign whenever you want.

Why should I use Join2in and not traditional methods?

With traditional ways, you can only reach people in your social circle or geographic area. On this axis, it is difficult in a probabilistic sense to find a large number of people who know how to achieve your goal and have in-depth knowledge about the issues you care about. With Join2in, you can expand your target audience to the limits of the globe. In this way, for example, you can listen to the experiences of an environmental activist in Australia, making it easier for experts and leaders in a given field to contribute to your movement. In this way, expertise, experience and guidance are gathered in one pool and dreams come true in no time.leaders in a given field to contribute to your movement. In this way, expertise, experience and guidance are gathered in one pool and dreams come true in no time.

Is Join2in a paid app?

Creating a campaign on Join2in is free. But in order to support as many voices as possible, the number of campaigns you can create in a month is limited. Each campaign is active for thirty days. After the campaign period expires, you can extend the duration of the campaign for a small fee if you wish.

What other features can I find in Join2in?

If you prefer to use Join2in Premium, you can highlight your campaigns so they stay on the homepage longer. Premium membership ensures that your campaign is recommended to more people who share the same goals as you and your campaigns grow faster.

What happens to campaigns that are successful on Join2in?

Campaigns reaching the target signatory on Join2in are forwarded to the relevant institutions.

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